Alraid Services

Alraid Services

ALraid Legal Services is a premier law firm providing a comprehensive range of legal services and solutions for domestic and international clients.  The firm has a reputation as one of the leading law firms in the Sudan and North African region.  International and cross-border work forms an important part of our business.

The firm was established in Sudan on 10th February 2013, featuring a group of competent lawyers and consultants in Sudan who are fluent in written and spoken English. Our clients are private and public companies from Sudan and abroad, local and international banks, development finance agencies and non-government organizations in all sectors of the economy.  We advise on business law, corporate finance and capital markets, project finance, financial services, banking, power, telecommunications law, infrastructure, transport, manufacturing, tourism, agriculture and horticulture.  We represent clients in litigation and provide dispute resolution advice in all of these areas.  The firm also works as Sudanese counsel for many international law firms and their clients mainly from Europe, North America, Asia and Kenya.

To meet the expectations of our clients we have arranged our practice so as to provide teams of lawyers for large-scale transactions, when needed.  Our transaction teams are led by experienced partners who stay closely involved in all aspects of the matters. In addition to being Sudanese advocates, Alraid Services provides notary and commissioner services.  A number of our lawyers are English trained, and have vast knowledge of the Sudanese law and international law in multiple fields, including but not limited to human rights experience, conflicts of laws locally and internationally, contracts in English and Arabic and registration of investment companies and registration of business names. We also offer specialized legal services on all matters relating to intellectual property ie recording of literary and engineering works, trademarks, cancellation and objection to the trademark infringement.

Our objective is to provide high quality legal and commercial advice through an efficiently managed professional practice that will facilitate our clients’ business dealings in Sudan and elsewhere in the North African region.

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Pacta sunt servanda

Pacta sunt servanda

Decade-in-law is an agreement between two or more parties in which each of them undertakes things, promises reciprocal so that it performs the law and the law of contract on the phrase "pacta sunt servanda" and if the breach of contract, the law provides what is known as judicial measures to deal with it, sometimes contracts written as it is the case when you buy or rent a home, but the overwhelming proportion of the contracts to be verbally, as...

The concept and conditions of termination

The concept and conditions of termination

The dissolution of the contract is intended to resolve the contractual nexus between the contractors and the removal of all raised so that the contract lacking become void and this signified the dissolution of the contract, like nullity aimed at the demise of Streptococcus Association is that they are distinguished from each other in terms of the reasons why both of them it stops act legal because it did not arise true, was left behind one of the pillars or...


Oil Ministry launches second pilot phase for the use of ethanol

Inaugurated the Oil Ministry on Wednesday 01/17/2016 m in Khartoum Nile Petroleum station Taif second pilot phase of biofuel production (ethanol) smart partnership with the Kenana Sugar Company, Nile Petroleum, Inc. horses for cars and in the presence of Industry Minister Samih Siddiq light and Minister of State oil Ministry d. Mohammed Awad Zayed and a number of leaders of the Ministry of Oil. He d. Amradm Bakhit, Director General of Energy, Ministry of Oil Affairs that this experience comes...



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